You know your job is weird when your boss kicking you from an eighty foot cliff is not grounds for a HR complaint.

Ren, for those of you who don’t recall, has “Super Adrenaline.” He’s trying to avoid the Supranym “The Black Hulk” because, well, he doesn’t turn into a giant bulky guy, doesn’t want to get sued, and also has an issue with being labeled by race. It would be like if Lewis Seinstien turned into “The Jewish Hulk” which of course now that I’ve typed that can only imagine he’s Hasidic with the beard and the corkscrew sideburn things. I can’t decide if he’d wear a yamaka or one of those flat brimmed hoiche hats.

Damn, what was I talking about? Oh, right. Ren still doesn’t have a supranym. His power is supercharged adrenaline that, as referenced on this page, puts him at a level where he can at least make Max notice. Someone once suggested calling him “Red Bull” which immediately led to “Black Bull” and both of those were shot down on the spot.

He knows he needs to come up with something eventually, or he’s going to get the Arianna special, which just means something legally safe, marketable and cool, in that order.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Went back and did some editing to the penultimate chapter, but that’s probably a misnomer now, because I’m really leaning toward adding a chapter or two so that I can end the book on a fight. Also spent part of the weekend working on a potential cover for the book. Didn’t get a lot of work done on it because I restarted halfway through and went browsing through a bunch of Frank Frazetta art, but as iconic as his stuff is, 1) I can’t realistically emulate it, 2) It doesn’t match the mood of the book or the previous cover. Still, I was getting frustrated with my art process and was wanting to try something a little more painterly. If all else fails I can use that picture of Xerxa, but I’ll keep noodling on it when I have free time. Hah hah, that’s not a thing.

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