I know what the title of the page is, and this isn’t technically chip damage, but Max is exploring the deterrent factor.

That or she’s just going to make him mad.

Vehemence’s line on this page makes me think of stuff like Klingons. They’re all “Rah Rah War!” and “Glory in battle!” but what they really mean is “Rah Rah Winning War” and “Glory in Victory!” They have to tell themselves its honorable to die in battle because the number one cause of death in Klingons has to be violence, but no one actually wants to die in battle, they want to win. (Until they get old and are worried about their legacy/place in Suto’vo’qor.)

I always think about that when I’m playing games like Doom and I’m chainsawing an imp in half. I’m like, you guys totally revel in chaos, violence and suffering. How is this not what you want? I’m helping you! And then I dance in its innards.

Vehemence gains power from getting beat up, but he then has to spend some of that to heal. He also gains power from just being near violence, and that doesn’t cost him anything. It doesn’t cost him to punch someone, but it does if he puts a few thousand joules behind it, so it’s a balancing act. Really, his biggest weapon is the violence aura. If he gets enough people in its area, then he garners a net positive, and as we saw with his first appearance, if its a bunch of super-powered violence, then it’s like he’s standing at the foot of the Hoover Dam with leads attached to his nipples.

In a good way.

There’s a kickstarter for Gold Digger Gold Bricks #3 and 4 out, which collect issues 51-100. These have been printed before but are now out of print, and this kickstarter is likely the last chance to ever get them. There’s also an option for hardbacks, which would be pretty cool since they’re some phat ass books. I think #4 is about 3″ thick.

I think quite a few of you are familiar with Gold Digger, but if you’re not, the short version is, what if Rick Sanchez and Indiana Jones were one person and that person was a nerdy girl and her sister was a were-cheetah and their other sister was a half-clone of them and their parents were a Weapons Master from another dimension and a Sorcerer Supreme and they constantly fought everything from time traveling dragons to living spells to the things that came before the dinosaurs to mechanized Leprechauns and one of them marries a guy who gets drafted into a government agency that honestly could probably take down Arc-SWAT… eh… I don’t know. It would be a hell of a fight. Also it’s funny. Anyway, that’s my synopsis of Gold Digger.

Honestly if not for Gold Digger, I don’t think I ever would have done Grrl Power. It was just about the only comic I read for nearly a decade after I lost interest in the constantly resetting storylines of Marvel and DC. I read plenty of manga, but they’re different because they’re usually shorter, contained stories, and not endless sprawling non-sequitur nonsense like the big three comics wind up turning into.

I digress. Check out the kickstarter, and if you pledge, there’s an add-on you can get that’s the first 100 issues in PDF form.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Started on what I think will actually be the last chapter. I may split it into two if it goes long, but it will still be the final “act.” Doing a fight scene in a Tamer book that isn’t against dinosaurs involved coming up with a bunch of Eye-Q skills for everyone involved, and right now I’m stuck trying to figure those out. I mean, I could have Sam and the ladies klonk everyone on the head before the bad guys get a chance to break out their powers, but that probably doesn’t make for the most thrilling action scene.

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