Official cause of death: Inability to recognize when someone is antagonizing a room into providing an exemplar sacrifice. That or “Ego exceeds survival instinct/common sense.”

I waffled over the extortion amount. Our vampy tentaclized lense flarey cape guy here isn’t looking to bankrupt them or force them into desperate action against him. He just wants some steady income. Obviously, they’re not going to take too kindly to extortion, as gangsters are famously unamused by karmic irony. I googled “how much money do Triads make in America” and it turns out there’s some big legitimate company called Triad that muddles search results, but it seemed like the gangster Triads clear a few billion a year, mostly in the drug trade. Honestly I don’t know if they even bother with protection rackets. Skimming a few thousand off a bunch of restaurants seems like more work than it’s worth, honestly. As far as I know, protection rackets are just a thing that happens in TV shows because today’s TV writers learned about it from yesterday’s TV writers even though crime syndicates have all abandoned the nickel and dime stuff in favor of drugs and cybercrime and playing the stock market. Of course, it doesn’t matter what these guys are into, as long as they have warehouses full of pallet-jacks of cash.

I’m glad to be done with this sequence. I had some stuff written that could have extended it for a day or two, but it’s all story that can be put off till later and I’m eager to get back to superheroine antics.

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Oh no! Superheroines in a deathtrap! Well… a tickle trap. Okay, not trapped, trapped, but… look, three of the girls are getting tickled. Actually, in a way, seven girls are getting tickled since the other four Harems will feel this as well, but technically it’s only the three shown in the picture since Harem insists there’s only one of her – it’s just confusing since she can be in 5 places at once.

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