I’m quite pleased with the name Atomic Bombshell. She was another character who was briefly in Arc-SWAT as a secondary heroine, but not for long. At some point I realized I would actually need villains for the comic and I set her aside for that roster. After all someone whose only power is blowing stuff up surely makes a better villain than hero. Not that she couldn’t find work in the private sector easily enough. On the flip side, the name “For Whom the Death Tolls” is sufficiently awful. I’m sure it will just be abbreviated to Death Toll, which is a fine name for a villain, but I suppose he’s trying to be erudite.

Did you know there’s a Grrl Power subreddit? I didn’t until I tried to set one up. Someone beat me to it. It’s possible they told me but I then promptly forgot. Anyway it lives here, I’ll start posting comic updates there, and I would suggest it might not make a bad forum-ish thing if people want to carry discussions on longer than the lifespan of one post cycle.

It’s telling that I consider not being behind the same thing as being ahead. I only had to spend about 3 hours on the comic on Sunday, so I spent some much needed time unwinding with a video game called Crypt of the Necrodancer. It’s not the sort of game I usually get into. It’s a Roguelike-like I suppose, which is to say the levels are randomized and when you die you start over from the beginning. Normally I think that’s a waste of time, but this game has a few hooks that got me. One is that there are persistent unlocks which help make progressive runs easier like armor, spells and better weapons, but the real hook is that everything happens on a beat. You have to move and attack in time to the funky dance soundtrack, and so do the monsters.

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