Cora and her crew have heard of the exploits of the supers that Dabbler has been hanging out with, but it’s obviously different seeing it in action. Probably a touch humbling too.

I’m not sure why Maxima is standing like a model. It was a weird confluence of me randomly deciding to tilt her head up a little and not being sure what to do with her other arm. I threw her coat over her shoulder and suddenly she’s all vogue.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the previous page. There were some votes for leaving it as it. I think it’s a bit too far for Sydney for forget she was watching a press conference 20 minutes ago, but… she has had a few busy days. My favorite suggestion was Sydney complaining that she was iced out of the XP from taking down the Fel. Honestly, the team should be involving her in as much combat as possible since she’s the only one who gets a direct benefit fighting. I mean, everyone on the team benefits from fighting, but Sydney literally levels up.

So… I guess for now, imagine she says something about that, or the original thing.

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