Page 777! It’s the number of the upstairs neighbor of the beast. And a few doors down. Depends on how the building is laid out really.

I’m not absolutely sure who these guys are. For the purposes of the story it doesn’t matter quite yet. Archon has a shit ton of publicity but they’re not a large government agency. They have a lot of sway within their field – basically they get jurisdiction over anything involving superpowers (unless there are weird extenuating circumstances). Aliens should fall under their purview, but for obvious reasons that wasn’t explicitly written into their charter.

That will probably be amended soon, but in the meantime, now that aliens are public knowledge, there are other agencies salivating at the idea of getting their hands on an alien ship with energy weapons, force fields, crazy power sources, you know, the woiks. For instance, every other branch of the military, DARPA, NASA, OSI, Section 31, BPRD, IMF, Fulcrum. You guys get the idea. So these guys could be with just about anyone.

General Faulk! I haven’t draw him in a loooong time. I kept saying he was doing General stuff in Washington, but really I forgot to include him doing stuff around the base.

Speaking of characters we haven’t seen in a while, the guy standing next to Maxima is Irradon, who is the Twilight Council’s alien representative. His being there isn’t a public acknowledgement of the whole supernatural element present on Earth, but he’s stepped in as a sort of interim galactic ambassador.

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