So this is kind of a weird page, I mentioned on the previous comment that this page was originally a tour of the rest of the comic shop, but halfway through drawing it, I decided it was informative but boring. So I ditched that to make room for this sort of peculiar camo, which is actually a callback. Normally I’d let you guys figure that out on your own, but his first appearance was not too dramatic and quite a while ago.

I haven’t decided if Arianna and Co. have vetted this guy or not. Whether he is here just looking for a change of pace, on Archon’s payroll, or actually a dastardly insert remains to be seen.

Edit: Whoops. The first version of this comic I uploaded had the word bubble reading “Sydney, this is Core.” as a separate bubble with a tail pointing at Core, not attached to Joel’s previous one about security. I have to admit, I was super tempted to leave it with the screw up, because that is definitely a weird way to introduce oneself, but… honestly it’s a little too weird, so I fixed it.

Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. Feel free to contribute as much as you like!