They would deny it because they didn’t. Remember Deus’s shopping trip?

I was getting a little bored of drawing Max’s face with her boring bun sitting in the booth, so I tried a close up in those first two panels for a little variety, but then I wanted it to be obvious she was reading Deus’s list of goodies, and now it kind of looks like she’s nearsighted. She’s not. I guess she’s… looking at the fine print?

Granted, a boring bun is a lot easier to draw than a bunch of wavy locks spilling all over her shoulders, but buns are about the least sexy thing you can do with long hair (besides white person dreads). The only thing buns are really good for is taking your hair out of said bun and then doing the slo-mo hair toss.

Not that anything military is designed to be sexy. I do think it’s weird that women are allowed to wear their hair long though. Aren’t the two major points of having short hair easy maintenance and not giving an enemy something to grab on to? Granted, the US military doesn’t tend to throw women at the front line so, I guess it doesn’t matter if a woman has shoulder length hair while manning a radar station. Still, if I was a woman in the military, I’d get the G.I. Jane and would throw all the other female recruits around by the hair while sparring until they all went buzz cut, or more likely, they’d all pile on me and do that thing where they beat you up with bars of soap. Or whatever the modern equivalent is. Soaking tampons in pepper spray or something.

The loose bun, however – potentially very sexy. Also quite a bit harder to draw. There’s probably some correlation there.

What was I talking about? Oh, right, the comic. Anyway, Deus’s shopping trip might have seemed like an unnecessary ordeal in retrospect, but it’s not like he could have predicted that an advanced alien race would be in need of a parking spot when he set up his like not-a-stargate. Plus, it puts him in a better bargaining position with the Alari, because he’s not as thirsty for their tech.

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