On the one hand, Deus may well be a great manipulator. On the other hand, someone who yells the phrase “artful subtlety” in the middle of a classy restaurant might not be the best judge of such things.

If Lorlara does win employee of the month with behavior like that, it’s going to create an escalation. The next time we see Deus, he might be riding on a palanquin teamed by a bunch of women that look like they’re taking time off between taping American Gladiator episodes. I’m not saying that might not happen anyway. It’s just more likely that one of his other PA’s might sign him up for “Super Rich Person UBER.”

Yeah, I know, Deus never said that Lorlara was his new PA. I guess Maxima inferred it, or there’s some business getting done in between pages.

“The House Archs” BTW, is some shit I made up, because I didn’t think there was a word that meant “patriarch and/or matriarch” so in Alar they’re just called “Archs.”

And if all the house leadership dressed up in riot gear and delivered warrants, they could be called “Arch-SWAT.” Hah hah, tip your waitress, etc.

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