Lorlara is 100% channeling Drax there in panel 2. I actually can’t read that word bubble without hearing it in Dave Bautista’s voice.

“Primitive fire stick” is such a douchey “my world has higher tech than your world” thing to say. Okay, maybe they’ve been using vape pens for 700 years, or they have some kind of “caseless” cigarette that chemically burns itself down without any actual fire or even heat, but it’d be a bit like driving Luke’s landspeeder up to an internal combustion car and saying “Your primitive beast-of-burdenless carriage is quaint!” Dude. Your shit hovers 18″ off the ground, which is cool, but both vehicles get you where you want to go.

Max is enjoying a little me time while all the other agencies bumble all over each other. I guess Archon wasn’t the only one watching TV earlier tonight.

I kind of agree with Max. The cloaks might kind of work for field uniforms, especially if they add a practical layer of protection. Yeah, they could hamper dexterity in certain situations, but they’d also allow people to ready a gun or click on their radio without being observed doing it. And since they’re a heavier material than a flappy cape, they’d have less chance of getting hung up on pokey out bits or whipped over their faces or anything like that. Plus, they’d be designed to break away with a pop of a button or two. Hmm.

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