Archon HQ is a bit like the Olympic Village at times. There’s a bunch of super fit people hanging out after hours, and sometimes when the RA/Den Mother is away, sometimes things get sexy. I don’t know if the Olympic Villages have any sort of RA’s, but there are probably quite a few coaches going out of their minds trying to keep their teams from going crazy every night.

Digit, the blonde with the goggles on her head, has appeared before in the comic, but only briefly. She’s one of the Arc-SPARQ boffins, and is one of those mad geniuses that appears totally scatterbrained but still manages to invent crazy stuff all the time. Over the course of losing a few hands, she’s elected to remove everything but her shirt, not because she’s self conscious about her breasts – if anything she’s curiously asexual to the point of being naïve – instead it just didn’t occur to her to take her shirt off before her bra.

Some of you may notice that Jabberwokky is sitting in the same room as Dabbler without trying to fight-molest her. Obviously there were developments there while Sydney was away. It will come up eventually I’m sure, but it’s not like a major plot point.

Apparently it’s an unspoken rule that the girls match their underwear to their hair. That’s my fault. I guess I didn’t want to expend the brain power to try and keep track of underwear color from page to page.

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