Yes, the clean spot was in an adjacent room.

Honestly I think this page is grosser than the previous one. Especially the mid-sentence burps, and the non-pictured (you’re welcome) strings of gorgy drool that follow them.

So yeah, as I predicted, there were some differing opinions on Cora’s handling of the situation. Honestly I just thought it was funny, both the extreme overkill and Sydney sitting there covered in human jam with one eye twitching. This comic isn’t Judge Dredd, but it’s not My Little Pony either. I guess it’s closer to the latter really, but eh, sometimes bad guys explode.

For those of you wondering, Sydney was not allowed to inject herself with a syringe of Fuggedaboutit (that’s the trademarked drug name) that was covered in viscera.

To answer Sydney’s question, I can tell you that she’s mostly throwing up due to stress. Despite playing it surprisingly cool, she was actually really scared there, especially after the drugs and that asshole pointing a gun at her face. The gore storm put her over the top, but she probably would have eventually panic barfed even without that.

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