Detla is going to get the impression that Archon is some sort of co-ed college comedy romp. That or she’s going to start punching dudes. It’s also possible that everyone in Arc-SWAT has decided to cock block Achilles today because that’s the thing they drew out of the Hat of Stuff to Do if Supervillains Don’t Attack.

Dabbler’s appearance isn’t permanently changing, in case you were worried about that. She just decided to wear something a little more tan today. (Possibly a little too tan. Any caucasian person that tan is going to look like an old catcher’s mitt by the time they’re 34.) Changing her glamor is a little harder than just laying on the couch changing channels, but… it’s not a whole lot harder either. It’s an innate ability controlled by a spell – a spell she’s had a lot of practice with, and maintaining it takes less mana than her mana regeneration rate.

It’s really hard drawing people looking down. That’s what Max is supposed to be doing in panel 2, looking down at Math’s manties, but it looks like she’s sighing. I guess it works either way, really. The problem is that women (especially sexy cartoon women) have full lashes, so if their eyes are only 1/4 of the way open, then lashes cover everything and it looks like their eyes are closed.

The new vote incentive is not quite ready yet. Well, it is, but I wanted to do an extra variant and maybe a little comic page, so it’ll be up with Thursday’s comic if not sooner.




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