I’m usually pretty bad about drawing Maxima being actually shiny. I’ve done it a few times in the past, but it takes an extra rendering pass, and usually by the times I get the backgrounds done and Sydney’s glasses and the orbs and the glowy bits on the orbs, it’s late Saturday evening or the middle of Sunday and I’m just not up for trying to environment map Maxima’s face. Honestly, backgrounds are my least favorite thing to draw, and spending a portion of every week trying to wrap one around a human face is just not why I got into drawing comics.

Arguably I shouldn’t have made one of my characters shiny and gold, but it’s too late for takebacks.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but the fact that she’s shiny will be relevant soon, so I thought it was important to remind everyone that she’s gilded and highly specular.

Now for the question you’ve all been wondering about, what the heck kind of cake is that? The cake itself is kind of pale purple, so I think I’m going to say it’s taro flavor. Taro, if you’ve never had it is basically a kind of potato. It’s actually a little closer to a sweet potato, and if you can ever find taro ice cream, I highly recommend it, because it tastes like waffle cone. So it’s waffle flavored cake, and although the icing is yellow, I’m going to say it’s maple flavored. That sounds pretty damned good to me – assuming the maple flavor isn’t overdone. It’d have to be a light touch.

June’s vote incentive is up! Welcome to Dabbler’s Damsel in Distress University.

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