Yeah, I know, this is probably not correct procedure. We should all accept that I will get the military stuff… adjacent. And don’t worry about the ribbons too much. I cribbed Maxima’s from some Air Force Colonel’s photo I found online, then swapped a few things and might have even recolored one or two, so her salad bar is probably about 40% nonsense. When I was asking about Sydney’s ribbons, I was trying mostly trying to get an idea of how many she might have. That said, I gave her a National Defense Service, a Global War on Terror (Supervillain attacks are easy to categorize as terrorist actions), and a… um, I forgot what the third one is. Expeditionary I think. But I changed all the colors because each branch seems to have their own version. She didn’t get the Basic Military Training Honor, which is reserved for people who do exceptional during training. Sydney passed, but not exceptionally.

It’s been suggested that Sydney might have earned a purple heart for getting dinged by enemy shrapnel when she was off planet, but I think it falls below the threshold for minor wounds. Granted without Frix stitching her up, she might have had a little red scar on her cheek, but let’s be real, it would have been exactly 3.2 pages before I forgot to draw it. She also got punched in the cheek right when the super fight started at the restaurant, but I think bruises also fail to meet the severity threshold. Of course, Dabbler got like 40 little cuts when Heavenly Sword almost got her, but she probably used a “Heal Those Tiny Cuts that Barely Bleed but Mostly Just Itch” spell instead of having a “Physician with Officer Rank” treat her. Come to think of it, Harem would probably qualify when her arm got broken. Jiggawatt got deafened, Math got his nose broken. Heatwave.

Honestly, if the average superhero comic was about a military team, most team member would probably have like 9 Purple Hearts by issue 100. (Also that boxer concussion palsy.) It really feels like something I shouldn’t make light of, but even Arc-SWAT, with their somewhat relaxed schedule of the occasional action scene followed by slice of life antics interspersed with exposition, I can see the team collecting PH’s or oak leaf clusters from a bin after every debrief.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Last scene is like half done. Should be this week for the beta proofers.

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