This is a page that I really didn’t want to split into two, but I couldn’t fit everything on one page and I just couldn’t make it a double cause I’m still trying to get caught up after Xmas. (The vote incentive should hopefully update with Monday’s comic, BTW.) By itself, this page mostly just sets up the next one. It also doesn’t give you guys a ton to discuss, other than guessing what Harem’s foible was, that or just pitch your own super powered pranks. It’s kind of a limitless field, really, even without getting into weird mind control stuff. “I made him think mayonnaise was underwear,” etc.

I will mention that somehow, while Sydney was revealing where she found the orbs, Jiggawatt went and got her hair did. The reason she did that is because I always matched her lipstick to her hair color and yellow lipstick looks terrible. Unless you’re a dryad and have green skin. Gold lipstick can work, especially against darker skin, but the yellow wasn’t cutting it for me. In the early days of the comic, Jiggawatt had light blue hair, but I fairly quickly realized that if she’s doing lightning stuff and there are bright lights nearby, her hair washed out and looked a bit… Stormy. She looked like Storm. So I changed it to yellow. Now I’m changing it back to blue, but now it’s royal blue which won’t wash out to white even if it should because I’m the artist and I can just fudge it if I need to. Oh, and of course, since I tend to have most of the girls wear underwear that matches their hair color, I guess Jiggawatt also went shopping. Or maybe she had some bras around from her prior blue hair stint.

It’s not a fetish of mine or anything, I’m just kind of lazy when it comes to underwear color, and I refuse to have anyone wear beige bras. I understand why they exist: so white women don’t have to worry about their bra being visible through their shirt, but that doesn’t change the fact that beige bras are equivalent to tighty whities. No one is wearing them to be sexy, and guys, if you’re wearing tighty whities and taking your pants off in front of a woman (who wants you to be taking them off), you don’t get to be upset by the ripple of disgust that passes through her face when she sees your choice in underwear before she tamps it down and gives you a half-hearted thumbs up. I can confidently say there’s no such thing as sexy underwear for men, (at least from the perspective of a heterosexual male.) There are only less bad choices.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: Getting Proofed!

Proofing’s kind of on hold until I get the vote incentive out.

December’s vote incentive guest stars Lana of Spying with Lana. January’s is a little delayed because of the holidays, but will likely be up with the Monday comic.




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