Yes, they’re drinking Louis XIII cognac over ice. I guess Deus is actually evil.

Look, I’ve never been a big drinker. I didn’t know that was bad. I like my drinks cold unless I’m specifically after something hot on a cold day like cider/tea/hot chocolate. I basically never drink anything that’s room temperature if I can avoid it. I know, the ice dilutes the booze. I’m tempted to fire back with “ice dilutes everything except water and also hydrochloric and sulfuric acid where it actually makes it into stronger acid, at least temporarily” but I get there’s a difference between $1.25 worth of soda and $4,000 cognac. Maybe the ice cubes pictured are actually cognac colored cold glass or something. Like they have liquid nitrogen in them? That’d probably be too cold and would also fuck up the alcohol. To which I’m tempted to say that I would never personally be inclined to spend $4,000 on something so delicate there’s no way I wouldn’t fuck it up somewhere between the bottle and my mouth. Even if someone just handed me a glass, I’d drink it and be like “Congratulations, it tastes like booze. I’d rather have the money and glass of tea.”

Now what was I… oh, right, the comic.

This reveal is hardly a big twist. A lot of people were speculating that Deus was a super of some sort.

I’ve got another book series to recommend, which someone pitched a page or two ago. One of my favorite stories is “Upon a Savage Shore” (NSFW link to Literotica, BTW) which unfortunately isn’t available in novel form anywhere for some reason. But I’m a sucker for xenoanthropology for some reason. This one I’m recommending is… not that, but it’s slightly reminiscent of UaSS. I guess because it’s third person and switches PoV from the humans to the aliens and half the time they’re all thinking “they’re so odd.”

Anyway, it’s called The Vixen War Bride, and it takes place after a human/alien war, and the humans won and are occupying the alien planet in a “let’s rebuild Japan” sort of way, not a “keep the alien scum down” sort of way. Well, results vary depending on where you are on the world, but at the base that deals with the primary characters in the series, there’s a solid attempt at diplomacy. Not to spoil anything, but nobody speaks the other side’s language particularly skillfully, and… well, read the title of the book there.

I’m slightly miffed that the aliens in the series are just humans with fox ears and tails, I think most of you know that I like my aliens slightly more alien than that, but reading between the lines of the novel, I’m guessing there might be a reason for it? Dunno. Speculation on my part. Anyway, I went through the three available novels in 4 days, and I think the 4th novel is no more than a month or two out, based on the release schedule of the prior books. I wouldn’t categorize these as action thrillers exactly, but there is more going on in them than just talking and people being diplomatic. Just FYI. Check out Dungeon Crawler Carl or Star Justice if you need something more punchy shooty.

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