I spent about 30 second deciding what kind of car Max has. It had to be something with a fair bit of horsepower, but nothing too froo-froo, so it kind of locked her into muscle cars, and the Shelby GT-500 seemed like a pretty good fit. Considering how often she actually drives it (i.e., from the dealer’s lot to the Archon parking garage, and probably less than 100 miles on the odometer since) she wouldn’t spend a hellacious amount on a car. I think the 2010 she’s got is in the $90-100K range. She actually lets the Arc-SPARQ gear heads take it out every so often because otherwise the battery would die and the gas would break down into whatever gas breaks down into when it goes bad. That’s one thing post-apocalypse movies never address. All the gasoline left sitting in cars would be useless in a few months. Apparently it can last longer with some additives, but best case you might get a few years out of specially treated and contained gas. Yes, diesel lasts longer, but my point is that in Fallout, when it’s 20 or 40 or 100 years after you went into the shelter/cryosleep, there wouldn’t be anything running on gas, including flamethrowers. High-octane vodka, sure, but not gas. And let’s not forget most canned food only lasts a few years at best as well, so picking up a 100 year old can of beans that’s somehow not corroded through? Hell, I don’t even think the botulism in there would still be alive.

So anyway, yeah, Max owns a purple Shelby GT500 that she’s driven about 4 times.

The new vote incentive is coming along. Unfortunately I did buy Zelda, TotK, and while I partially got it because I’ve had a Switch since launch, I only have like 6-8 games for it. (If you must know, Zelda BotW, Metroid Dread, some game that’s like part Dig-Dug and part Terraria whose name I don’t recall, Cadence of Hyrule, and the rest are Jackbox games.) My point is that TotK is fun and has been taking up my evenings, but I’ll get the incentive done in time for the Monday comic.

The April vote incentive is up! As promised, it’s a Sydney pinup. Not airplane bathroom selfies, but hopefully her cuteness will satisfy.

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