Deus has a Legendary class magic item that gives him a cumulative +1% to smugness that rolls over as long as he is a smug dick to someone at least once a day. He has used it for 4,571 consecutive days.

Okay, no, he doesn’t really have something like that. But he does have a lot of practice. Probably more than 4,571 days worth, if I’m honest, although possibly non-consecutive. Sometimes you gotta mix it up and swap out the smugness with weapons-grade facetiousness or sardonic… ness. Sardonism? Sardonicness?

Lorlara isn’t technically Deus’s bodyguard, but most people would be foolish to discount an Alari of her capabilities. I never said it in the comic, but the number of wings an Alari can generate is a sign of their status and power. Sciona made eight I think? Possibly eight plus two little vestigial ones. I don’t recall from when she got her body back. I could look it up but it’s thanksgiving eve and if you’re bored at home with the family you can track it down. I think Lorlara could generate four, shown when she joined Deus and Maxima for dinner that one time. The vast majority of Alari never gain the ability to generate wings, and even though two wings aren’t enough to fly on their own (they allow limited gliding and slow falling) someone with two is still treated like hot shit amongst Alari populations.

A “Late middle ages” vampire probably doesn’t need to be scared of Lorlara, but he should still at least be cautious, especially depending on what the dagger she always has strapped to her back is made of. Lorlara vs. Scarlett would be a much closer fight. The Scourger Demon in the fox hunter outfit there in the back could do terrible physical damage if it caught either of the vampires unaware, but Ingsol could still take it down with relative ease. Again, Scarlett would be a more even match.

The September vote incentive is up! Let’s call it the November vote incentive and just say I’ve still got two I.O.U’s, eh?

Well, Dabbler is doing her Dabbler things, and the Patreon version has a nude variant and a comic that… I don’t know, expounds on the goings on of the initial picture?



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