I don’t know if there’s a building in which a senator would take a fairly secretive meeting that could contain a hall that’s a quarter of a mile long, but it feels like they’ve been walking for a while.

I almost cut this page because it doesn’t really advance anything, but ultimately decided it met my personal amusement threshold. I like the world flavor. (Give me “Things Galactus would say” for 200 Alex.) Who wants to place bets on me remembering the “Exigil blood tastes like eggnog and is cold” fact when one of them finally shows up in the comic? I was surprised to learn that eggnog dates back to the 14th century, although back then it was called “posset” and was a hot drink made from curdled milk, ale or wine, and spiced. Honestly anything involving curdled milk sounds pretty gross to me, but I can see how posset was the antecedent of eggnog. Replace the curdled milk with some heavy cream or thin custard, and the ale with rum/brandy/cognac and Bob’s your uncle.

Of course, the answer to Scarlett’s question is simple, a vampire who was turned well after the invention of eggnog and had sampled some, who has also had Exigil blood would likely print up a damned newsletter about it. Sure, some vampires might be all arch and secretive, but a smart vampire would take steps to advertise Earth as a popular vacation destination to Exigons to swell the local supply herd. Ingsol knows a large number of vamps, so it’s obviously come up before. As I type this up, I’ve decided that Exigil O+ tastes like eggnog with rum, AB- tastes like cognac, and on down the list. Not that alien immune systems would have O, A, B, and AB. They might have positive and negative, but it’d probably be like P+ and L-.

Also, in the Grrl-verse, vampires can consume stuff other than blood. They don’t hilariously bazooka vomit the instant they ingest solid food like in What we do in the Shadows. However, drinking blood gives vamps an almost heroine-like high and regular food doesn’t, so most quickly lose interest in eating what is functionally “ashes” to them. Not all. The younger ones especially can still appreciate a plate of nachos or a burger, but Grrl-verse vampire physiology is streamlined for a more liquid diet… also some raw muscle tissue, sure, but my point is that they fare better if they keep away from food with a lot of fiber in it. Scarlett knows most vamps that get to Ingsol’s age have long since given up on human food, which is why she assumes he’s probably never actually had a glass of eggnog.

Oh, I kind of forgot about Ingsol’s accent, so I went back and reuploaded the prior two pages with minor fixes, because leaning fully into his accent like I picture it in my head would make it obnoxiously hard to read. Like the Count from Sesame Street meets “Nuclear Wessels” Chekov.

The September vote incentive is up! Let’s call it the November vote incentive and just say I’ve still got two I.O.U’s, eh?

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