It’s a fair bet Frix doesn’t know what the Bechdel test is. I’m not sure if he knows what high fives are, but I figure there are some galaxy-wide standards for expressing bro-ish approval. As usual, I spent too much time thinking about it. For a while I was thinking that maybe high-fives (or handshakes for that matter) would be frowned upon because intergalactic disease transmission might be a significant issue, but then I’ve already established in the comic that their medical technology is pretty dope.

Then again, Cora’s crew has access to the latest and greatest med-tech, but every species/empire/collective handles healthcare however they handle it, so not everyone necessarily has access to the good stuff. Still, fist bumps and elbow bumps would generally be safer than high-fives… assuming the race you’re elbow bumping doesn’t have Baoh blades on their arms. I meant germ wise. Even if the arm rests on space taxis are biohazard level 5 petri dishes, it’s not like most races can wipe their mouth with their own elbows. There are probably some that can, but as Dabbler pointed out a few pages ago, humanoid morphology represents!

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