Sydney, Pixel, Specs, Krona and Ellie might be a little annoyed that Decollete kept petitioning for help even after she had enrolled them into the search. On the other hand, I guess if you have 4 people beating the bushes for your lost child, you don’t flop on the couch and put on sportscenter. At least Dec’s being proactive.

Dabbler has obviously had her run-ins with demon hunters in the past. Also monster hunters, mage hunters, cyborg hunters, salacious woman hunters, whatever the particular bugaboo is for the society she’s visiting. (Though the salacious woman hunters aren’t always a bad thing, depending on why they’re looking for one.) But for the most part, she’s been there, done that, and has very little patience for hunters of things that she is.

You know, originally, I wrote Dabbler so that she never cursed. I thought it’d be funny if the sex demoness with by far the highest body count on the team never swore, but I guess she’s been hanging around Sydney a bit too much. I may be wrong, but this might be the first time she’s cursed in the comic. At least in English.

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