This is one of those pages where the Grrl-verse kind of got away from me. I hadn’t ever intended to grant Peggy a new leg, but… for Cora and her level of technology, it’s a trivial fix. They don’t want to give her a cybernetic leg, or a hard light one like what Cora has, because that would be handing Earth tech they haven’t earned yet, but growing a new leg from her DNA and attaching it with the stuff in their med bay wouldn’t pollute Earth’s tech tree in any way.

Cora and crew probably aren’t hanging around on Earth for too long, I haven’t quite decided how some storylines are going to shake down, but the fact that they need to be around to attach the leg means Peggy won’t lose her handicapped parking sticker quite yet, whatever she decides to do with the appendage in a bottle there.

It’s kind of funny, I recently had someone message me and say “Thanks for the amputee representation.” but I was setting this up as early as Peggy’s absence from the gun range when Sydney discovered her smart glasses. And again when she got the selfie from Frix. If you look real close by Frix’s side, you can see Peggy’s arm. You can tell it’s her because it has her color banded tattoo on the right side that goes down below her elbow. It’s honestly pretty hard to see.

Anyway, after I got the message, I was like “Thanks, and/or you’re welcome?” Hah hah ho-boy. But like I said it’ll be a while before any progress is made on that front.

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