I know, this seems kind of ultra hard core for Sydney – stuffing a pistol in someone’s mouth and doing her best to empty the magazine. In her defense, she immediately recognized Concretia when she turned around. She knew this wouldn’t kill or even really hurt her, but in a situation that needs a split second reaction, Sydney was probably hoping to maybe disorient Concretia. It probably wouldn’t be long enough for Sydney to find a piece of rebar or something to whack the concretopod, but doing something is probably better than doing nothing.

In reality, I think her gun might jam doing this. If Concretia bit down even a little, the slide on the gun wouldn’t fully reset and the new cartridge wouldn’t be seated correctly. I am far from a gun expert, but I imagine some guns might have enough play to fire another round if the slide is almost reset, but then I’d assume the outcome of that would be about 90% of fucking up the gun, and 10% fixing the jam.

There’s a lot of balls being taken hostage lately. It’s not indicative of anything going on in my life, I swear.

The vote incentive is updated, and of course, the nude version is over at Patreon. Honestly, what is Sydney doing walking into a room labeled “Yoga 401?”

I keep telling myself that I’ll do these solo pinup shots, but I keep getting ideas for some group theme picture. Honestly I think the best one I’ve done so far is the Dabbler solo pic, because I could spend all my time on a single character. But… this picture has a bunch of ladies, including three Harems being all bendy, so hopefully it’s an acceptable tradeoff.

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