Other methods to detect succubi – Submerge them in baby oil… then have them wrestle home team slave girls Or (sexy young) nuns. Do demons melt when they get wet? Liberally spraying all suspected succubi while they wear thin white T-shirts will reveal the truth and possibly other things. There’s always the chrome trailer hitch test.

Succubus glamors quickly went from being a fun party trick/a way to get more mileage out of your artisanal sex slave/replacing whole wardrobes full of naughty costumes with whatever the pre-medieval Slave Leia and sexy nurse equivalents were… which I guess was actual slave costumes and sexy… witchdoctor? Anyway, it went from that stuff to having to slip past royal bodyguards, the skills of other arch-mages, even stuff like Faye court mages and demons and everything. That’s why Dabbler was so impressed with Sydney’s True Sight. Once you have a legit resource for spying and assasination like that, you’re not going to limit to just snuffing out the occasional viceroy or even king. That’s how you start toppling empires and ruling from the shadows.

“Widely ranged stock” being an incredibly delicate euphemism for mix and match body parts, organ farms, rooms full of hook chains and dangling torsos, attended by some guy with an apron so slicked with gore it just looks like he’s got a side of beef strapped to his front. Possibly a pyramid shaped hat.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Almost finished restoring that lost scene. Then it’s on to the sex scene I skipped over, though I’m about 10% tempted to just leave [And then they bang] in.

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