Dr. Frost has you in her chair, Sydney. She’s not going to prescribe you some drugs and kick you out of the door. There’s a paper begging to be written and published in American Psychological Association Journal.

There are a lot of expressions that don’t quite hold water with a little examination, but “Time heals all wounds” has got to be the worst. “Time sometimes heals select cosmetic wounds.” would be a much more apt expression.

Well, THaW is maybe tied with “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.” That’s almost never true either. Well, unless you’re a Saiyan. Then that expression is perfect for you. Unless that expression means like, literally anything, not just injurious attack. Like, a good night’s sleep makes you stronger. A healthy lunch with some multigrain bread and an orange makes you stronger. But then, what about eating a detergent packet or snorting powdered graphite? Those things don’t make you stronger. It’s just a dumb expression.

Ignore Dr. Frost’s expression in the last panel, or at least scale it back like 20% in your minds. She came out looking a bit wicked witch and she’s just supposed to be smiling wryly. I just missed the mark there a bit.

Edit: Whoops, forgot to schedule this one. I just hit “Publish.” Oh well, enjoy your super early comic!

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