Well that seemed to have shut Sydney up.

There were a few comments on the previous page about how that guy’s arm will be useless now. You were correct.

So yeah. I expect some, heh, mixed reactions to today’s comic, from “He deserved that.” to lectures on how fantasy depictions of using horrific ordnance on criminals is probably bad and only just a little bit funny. Well, Sydney’s face there in panel six makes me laugh every time I look at it.

I went back and forth if I wanted to go through with it, but this is what I had planned from the beginning of this sequence. Remember way back in like page 194 where I was like “I don’t know how much gore I’m going to put in the comic” and then much later Sciona bisects Cooter because I thought it’d be funny? Good times. Still, this isn’t exactly new behavior for Cora.

BTW, That’s not a tentacle on Sydney’s shoulder. It’s a vertical selection of rib meat.

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